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About Jain Cyclopedia – A Information hub about jainism

welcome to the world of jain cyclopedia

with the blessings of acharya vasunandi ji maharaj, we have started this online initiative to bring all the jain community members together to practice and preach the teachings of jainism. his continuous inspiration and support has helped us to launch this website in the way we could never have imagined”.

jain cyclopedia is a lot more than just a website. it’s an interactive platform for one and all to connect, contribute and learn about innumerable facts about jainism. the sole purpose to develop this website is to gather jain dharam followers and other people and provide them with a platform to know more about jainism and its beliefs. here, you can share your experiences, articles, recipes, learning with others who are a part of jaincyclopedia. we all are building blocks of this terrific initiative and we would appreciate if you whole heartedly participate and interact with us.

our vision is to preach and spread the learning through innovation.

so, come be a part of an ever expanding community. learn, share, preach, teach and innovate!

about guru prabhavana committee:

guru prabhavana committee is a young group of people from different genres – ranging from engineers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, graduates, chartered accountants and company secretaries. it was formed to expand the approach of jainism with a purpose to provide all the information regarding jainism and unite all its followers.

jain cyclopedia is an effort to fulfill this purpose. with the help of the website we want to exchange the knowledge of jainism so that the followers of jainism can enhance their understanding and non-jains can know more about jainism.

members of guru prabhavna committee: