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Jain Festival - anant-chaudas - list of jain festivals and List of Jains celebrations with anant chaudas
Jain Festival - Anant Chaudas

Anant Chaudas

jains celebrate anant chaturdashi on the 14th day of the bright fortnight shukla paksha of bhado (august-september)month in the hindu calendar. it is a very important day as it marks the end of das lakshan parva. according to jain scriptures one can gain much merit by observing a vow on this day.

in the month of ‘bhaado’ (which starts from next day of rakhi), many jains observe all or many religious restrictions. the end of this month is marked with anant chaudas & on this day people make food which is non-green (i.e. without veggies) on this day. on this day, jains offer puja to tirthankars at temples and fast in order to purify themselves. it is celebrated by fasting and spending time in prayer and meditation at the temple. many towns have a procession leading to the main temple.

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