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Benefits of Meditation

there are several advantages of meditation. real meditation can restore physical, mental and emotional health. it can be helpful in controlling several lifestyle disorders, psychosomatic disorders including high bp,coronary artery disease, diabetes, asthma, rheumatism etc. in this stressful life, it’s a powerful weapon or antidote to acute as well as chronic stress.

it improves concentration and sharpness. it reduces reactivity to a situation or a person, so one remains serene. actually a person who does meditation has a totally different attitude towards everything. thus meditation improves interpersonal relationship, job performance, cultivate positive emotions and removes negativity of person. it helps in controlling anger and conquering fear.

in all, it brings inner peace, patience and happiness and thus changes quality of life for better. higher sate of meditation brings intuitive knowledge, healing power,magnetic personality and occult powers.

the neurochemistry of meditation is entirely the reverse of stress. meditation up regulates parasympathetic system, while stress up regulates sympathetic system – responsible for increase in heart rate, respiration, blood pressure etc. as per our oriental spiritual texts and our spiritual masters, we should meditate for much higher gain than above mentioned physical and mental benefits.

for further details please read our next article in the series.
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author: dr. sudhir, gyan sagar foundation.

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