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address shri champapur digamber jain siddha kshetra bada mandir,
place & post – nathnagar, district – bhagalpur (bihar) pin –812006
phone 0641-2500522
managing committee: shri bengal, bihar, orissa digamber jain teerth kshetracommittee
kolkata (west bengal)
chairperson: shri shanti lal patodi
43, kailash bose street, kolkata (bengal) pin – 700006
phone 033-23509935
secretary: shri sunil kumar pandya (jain)
neemganchh street, near kotwali chowk, bhagalpur (bihar)
phone 0641-2420439, 2423407
champapur is the lokotama bhumi – thebest soil in the universe from the religious point of view – where all

the five kalyanaks-“(i) garbha, (ii) janma, (iii) tapa, (iv) gyan and

(v)moksha of tirthankar vasupujya took place. it is the only

historic teerth kshetra which called the ‘panch kalyanaka kshetra’

in the world.
champapur is famous because of its relation to following :

  • “the threechaturmasa period of bhagwan mahaveer swami during hisdikshakal
  • religiouspropagation centre of anga-banga-magadh-vaishali,
  • test of modesty ofsati subhadra and anantmati, aahardan to bhagwan mahaveerswami by sati chandan bala”.

this teerth is also related to great stories of

‘origin of harivansha, shripal-mainasundari, shri dharma ghosh

muni, king karna of mahabharata, king mudrak and great

architect vishvakarma’.

champapur has assumed more importance

because of arrival of ‘samavsharan’ of all 24 teerthankaras. this

place is siddha kshetra, as well as lot of miracles also happened

here. the reddish diamond colored padmasana idol of 1008

bhagwan shri vasupoojya seated on the principal altar of main

temple is quite attractive and beautiful, provides peace to the mind

& soul of the devotees. the desires of devotees get fulfilled when

they offer their prayers devotionally & with pure heart.

  • bharat sagar nilaya – a contains 13 rooms.
  • bharat sagar nilaya – b contains 15 rooms
  • mandir dharmashala – a contains 6 rooms
  • mandir dharmashala – b contains 11 rooms
  • mandir dharmashala – c contains 10 rooms
  • all required items like tent, bed, utensils areavailable here.
  • bhojanshala remains closed from april tobhadrapada mas.
  • if pre-informed than food can be madeavailable
  • by road: – 3.5 km away from bhagalpur station,taxi, tonga, tempo etc. available. buses are available from patna,lakhi saraya, munger etc.
  • train: – direct train from kolkata, delhi, mumbai,surat, patna, gaya, ilahabad etc.
  • airport: – bhagalpur, ranchi, patna.
nearby city:
  • bhagalpur junction 3.5 km
  • patna 270 km
  • sammed shikharji 280 km
nearby places for visit:
  • kuppaghat –beautiful place 4 km towards east from bhagalpur on the bank ofriver ganga
  • karnagarh – theplace of king karna in nathnagar, at this place karna used to givecharity to needy people after taking bath
  • bhagalpur isfamous as ‘silk city’ throughout india

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