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Building Construction & Precautions

  • before construction, the energy of the land should be regenerated.
  • before construction, vastu registry should be done.
  • foundation should be layed on an auspicious day according to mahurat.
  • do not use other building’s waste, roadside mud and any temple’s material in the construction of the building.
  • do not use bricks with sawstik print on them.
  • during the construction of main pavement, put silver, swastika made of mercury, alloy of eight metals and silver wire.
  • roof should be laid according to muhurat.
  • during construction, there should be no quarrel, fighting or use of abusive language.
  • if any line/marking has to be done it should be done from west to east or from south to north direction.
  • initial digging of land should be started from north east and in case of filling, it should be started from south west direction.
  • do not kill any creature (e.g. snake) during construction to avoid any bad omen.
  • embed 2×2 feet slab.

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