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A Jain perspective on Food, Fasting and Liberation

have you ever wondered why there is so much restriction in jainism related to food? why can’t we eat that, why can’t we do that? if yes, then here is an article for you : non-violence as a core philosophy and a vegetarian diet as one of its outcomes are the two most well-known aspects of the jain community. practicing …

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The ills of life are cured, if you root out lust from your heart. Brahmacharya is a word with a very wide scope. It means maintaining sexual purity by assuming the strict aspect of celibacy. Brahma means soul, which is chaste, enlightened, eternal and blissful. To become fully engrossed in soul is Brahmacharya-celibacy The opposite of Brahma is Abrahma- sexuality. …

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Women in Jainism

Jainism, women and equality In the time of Mahavira, Jainism brought a more enlightened attitude to Indian religious culture. Jainism is a religion of equality Jainism is a religion of religious equality, devoted to recognizing the rights of all living creatures, so it’s not surprising that it accepts that women are able to play their part on the road to …

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The Ethical code of Jainism

Jainism prescribes 5 moral principles to be observed by all the Members of the society. These are called Pancha Vrathas, five vows: Ahimsa or non-violence Satya or truth Astheya or non- stealing Brahmacharya or chastity Aparigraha or non-possession Of these  5  principles,  the  first,  Ahimsa  or  non-violence  is  the  most  important  vow. Though the term is negative implying abstinence from killing any living being, it is …

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