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Jain Life Style and Its Scientific Development

jain life style and its scientific development – an article by dr shudhatamprakash jain   want to know what what is the scientific logic for each and every activities which are done by jain people. here is an article which can brief you about, really a nice article. have a look !! jainlifestyleanditsscientificdevelopment

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Jainism Deep rooted in TamilNadu (Thirunageswaram)

Jainism has deep rooted in Tamilnadu

Jainism has deep rooted in Tamil land’s culture, literature, customs and art-architecture too; the fact is well attested by many scholars on literary, inscriptional and paleographical background. Jainism was once the most popular religion in initial centuries of Christ era to 6-7 century AD. The fact is corroborated time to time by exploration of ancient sculptures, temples, Inscriptions, cavern with …

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The ills of life are cured, if you root out lust from your heart. Brahmacharya is a word with a very wide scope. It means maintaining sexual purity by assuming the strict aspect of celibacy. Brahma means soul, which is chaste, enlightened, eternal and blissful. To become fully engrossed in soul is Brahmacharya-celibacy The opposite of Brahma is Abrahma- sexuality. …

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Ahimsa and Animal rights

Animals,Ahimsa,Jainism,Jain Articles,Principles,Knowledge,Learning

The practice of Ahimsa is the true essence of Jainism. Jain doctrine teaches that the universe is filled with an abundance of life and that each being without exception is of importance and that any injury even accidental caused to any being effects the order of the entire world. Jains should be non-violent toward all other living beings, including their …

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