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Jain Connection with Science

Spiritual Ecology in Jainism

jainism aims at producing a better mind, less intensity of the passions, greater    happiness and an increase in compassion, which aids in protecting the environment. the jain spiritual ecology gives an insight into the nature and psychology of human beings through non-violence, reverence for life, restraint and co-operation of all so that people do not to indulge in sinful or …

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Jain Karmic Theory and Genetic Science

The law which regulates the doctrine of karma is based on the principle of “Cause and effect”. The saying “as you sow so you reap” present the whole doctrine in a nut-shell. Every action, whether mental, vocal or physical, is a sowing of the “seed”, or in the technical language of Jaina Philosophy the engendering of karma. In the act …

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Environmental Science and Jainism

Ecological and environmental preservation is intrinsic, innate and inherent in Jainism. It is inbuilt and integrated in every principle, concept, tenet and mandatory doctrine of Jainism. Enlightened Jain icons, Arhats and Tirthankaras pondered over and considered every aspect, the various causes of degradation and necessary measures, prophylactic to pre-empt as well as remedial to redress and redeem and also for …

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Science and our Responsibilities

The relevance of Science, technology, engineering as well as scientific literacy is always being used for the wellbeing of society from ages and in present scenario is more profound than ever. Scientific facts being developed from religious knowledge and also converted into religion again and spread to the society well being in India. If we talk of Jain religion in …

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