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Jain Festivals

Uttam Aarjavam

Supreme Simplicity,Uttam,Aarjav

uttam aarjavam can also be referred as : straightforwardness  the action of a deceitful person is to think one thing, speak something else and do something entirely different. there is no harmony in his thought, speech and actions. such a person loses credibility very quickly and lives in constant anxiety and fear of his deception being exposed. being straight-forward or honest oils …

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Uttam Mardavam


Uttam Mardavam  can also be referred as : Modesty/ Humility Wealth, good looks, reputable family or intelligence often lead to pride. Pride means to believe one to be superior to others and to look down on others. By being proud you are measuring your worth by temporary material objects. These objects will either leave you or you will be forced to leave …

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Uttama Kshama

Uttam-kshama,Paryushan,Das lakhshan,Festivals,Jains

Uttam Aarjavam can also be referred as : Forgiveness  We forgive those who have wronged us and seek forgiveness from those we have wronged. Forgiveness is sought not just from human colleagues, but from all living beings ranging from one sensed to five sensed. If we do not forgive or seek forgiveness but instead harbour resentment, we bring misery and unhappiness on …

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