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address shri atishayakari sambhavnath & parshvanath digambar jain mandir champanery
place & post – champanery, district – ajmer (raj.) pin – 305622
phone 01466-277572 (p.p.)
managing committee: saravagi mohalla.
chairperson: shri tikam chand godha
place & post – champanery, district – ajmer (raj.) pin – ٣٠٥٦٢٢
phone 01466-277516
secretary: shri jai kumar kothari
place & post – champanery, district – ajmer (raj.) pin – 305622
the atishayakari sambhavnath & parshvanath digambar jain mandir champanery is situated in champanery town of district – ajmer on kekari-vijaynagar road in rajasthan. principal idols in this temple are of bhagwan sambhavnath and of bhagwan parshvanath. both the altars where these idols are installed have work of gold on glass which is worth seeing. hence it is famous as “kanch ka mandir” (temple of glass) in this area for its beautiful artistic work on glass.the idol of bhagwan parshvanath is attractive & miraculous. this idol is made of black colored stone in padmasana posture, dimensions being 6” x 4½”. the gate of this temple at the time of installation was only 5 feet in height & 3 feet in width. it seemed difficult to take the idol in temple for installation. but at that time, a miracle took place, devotees saw that when the idol was brought near the gate, it automatically got shortened in size and easily entered through the gate and was installed at its place. it is known, that many miracles have taken place like musical sound, fragrant wind and materialization of devotees prayers.

this temple decorated with sky-high spires is 500 years ancient. the spires of this temple ornamented with golden round pots (kalash) attract the devotees from a far distance.
there are 35 idols installed in 6 altars worth seeing in this temple. digambar jain acharya vidya sagarji had declared this kshetra – ‘miraculous’, during his visit to this place about 25 years ago.

  • 2 dharmashalas are here having 5 rooms each with all necessary facilities.
  • rooms are always available.
  • busses & taxies are available from ajmer, vijaynagar & kekari every time.
  • train: – vijaynagar railway station at 25 km from champanery.
  • airport: – jaipur – 180 km, udaipur – 200 km.
nearby city:
  • vijaynagar, (district – ajmer) 25 km (by road) 25 km (by train)
  • kekari, (district – ajmer) 35 km (by road)
  • ajmer 90 km (by road)
nearby places for visit:
  • chanvleshwar parshvanath – 100 km
  • atishaya kshetra baghera (devali) – 60 km

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