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address shri adinath dig. jain atishaya kshetra
chandkheri, post – khanpur, dist. – jhalawar (raj.) pin 326038
phone 07430-261358
managing committee: shri adinath dig. jain atishaya kshetra management committee.
chairperson: shri gulab chand jain (choonawale). 2, vallabh nagar, kota (raj.)
mob. 9414188281
secretary: shri mahaveer prasad jain, kota
phone 0744-2428979 mob. 9352638979
chandkheri has a beautiful idol of lord adinath (rishabhdev) in cross legged seated posture. it is made of red stone and is 6.25 feet high. this idol has unique features & is miraculous. it is said that in the back of the idol of lord adinath, there is a marvelous idol of bhagwan (lord) chandraprabhu made of jewels, but it is closed by a wall now.

this idol was found and brought from the forest of shergarh – barapati area. such beautiful idols are said to be rare & unique. this temple is situated near a small river. the idol of the principal deity is attractive with a very peaceful affectionless face. in this premises there is a column of dignity and samavsharan mandir (temple) also noticeable.
the temple is open from 6 am to 10 pm. celebrations and festivals are organized on the birthday of shri adinathswami from chaitra shukla 7, 8, 9.

  • adinath yatrinivas.rooms normal 50, 64 rooms with attached toilet-bath, 48 rooms with cooler, mess facility and all other items like utensils, bed, tent etc.
  • delhi wala’s dharmshala 2 normal rooms and 5 rooms with attached toilet-bath.2 halls are also available.
  • others – one jain mess is located out of the temple premises as well.one hotel in khanpur is also available for stay.
  • own vehical available on demand from kshetra to bus stand khanpur.
  • buses & jeeps are avaible from kota, jhalawar, baran, atru etc.
  • nearby railway station – kota (delhi-mumbai line) 90 km atru (kota-beena line) 35 km.
nearby city:
  • jhalawar 35 km
  • kota (via sangod) 90 km
  • kota (via jhalawar) 120 km
  • baran 48 km
  • bhawanimandi (via jhalawar) 70 km
  • ramganjmandi (via jhalawar) 60 km
  • jhalrapatan 40 km
nearby places for visit:
  • jhalrapatan atishaya kshetra 40 km (5 km ahead from jhalawar)
  • keshavrai patan (via kota) 140 km
  • shri dig. jain atishaya kshetra, nasiyanji, dadabari kota. 120 km

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