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Chanvaleshwar Parshvanath

address shri chanvaleshwar parshvanath digamber jain atishaya kshetra
mukam – chainpura, post – bagundar, taluka – jahajpur, district – bhilwara (raj.)
phone 01489-239143
managing committee: shri chanvaleshwar parshvanath digamber jain atishaya teerth kshetra committee.
chairperson: shri sugan chand jain
place & post – mandalgarh, district – bhilwara (raj.) pin – 311604
phone 01489-230052, 230032
secretary: shri ghisalal godha
place & post – bagundar, taluka – jahajpur, district – bhilwara (raj.)
phone 01485-237067
chanvaleshwar parshvanath atishaya kshetra is famous for bhagwan parshvanath’s padmasana idol of grey color. it is about one thousand years old. it was found on the top of high hill of ‘kalighati kshetra’ in ‘arawali’ mountain range while digging the earth. according to inscriptions got from bijoliya atishaya kshetra, the samavsharan of bhagwan parshvanath also visited high hill of chanvaleshwar.therefore this kshetra is the devotional center for jain devotees & non-jain devotees, made pious by the footsteps of bhagwan parshvanath.

the previous name of this hill was ‘chulgiri’. it is said that about 1000 years ago one cow keeper used to take the cow of digamber jain seth nathmal shah for grazing on the hill.cow did not used to give milk after coming back from grazing. one day cow owner asked the reason from the cow keeper that why cow is not giving milk.cow keeper then decided to observe the cow & he went wherever the cow went. after acute observation cow keeper saw that cow is giving up her milk all by itself at one specific place on the hill.

the cow keeper told about this miracle to the cow owner. the cow owner (seth) was surprised to hear about the miracle. on the night of same day the cow owner seth nathmal shah saw in his dream that there is one idol of bhagwan parshvanath under place where cow used to give up her milk. the cow owner in his dream also got the order of installing the idol of bhagwan parshvanath in jain temple.

next morning seth nathmal shah visited the place with his companions, which he saw in his dream and after reciting namokar mahamantra he ordered to dig carefully. thus 2 feet high tall sand stone’s grey colored padmasana idol of bhagwan parshvanath was found. seth nathmal shah got constructed the magnificent high spire temple on 10th of vaishakh shukla v.s. 1272 after organizing ‘panch kalyanka prathishtha’, he installed the idol in the magnificent temple.

the idol is miraculous & various stories related to the miracles are quite popular among people. every year on 9th & 10th of posh krishna the fair is organized on the occasion of ‘parshvanath jayanti’. on 2nd of asoj krishna collective ‘kshamavani’ festival & ‘kalashabhishek’ festival is organized.

  • there are 50 rooms available in dharmashala of this kshetra
  • food, bed & utensils are also available.
  • by road: – taxis are available at all time from mandalgarh, jahajpur, bhilwara, shahpura. buses are always available for bhilwara from kota, jaipur, udaipur & from many other cities.
  • train: – mandalgarh railway station present on the neemuch-baroda & neemuch-agra fort line. chanvaleshwar is 40 km away from mandalgarh, taxis are available from there.
nearby city:
  • mandalgarh 38 km
  • bhilwara 55 km
  • jahajpur 45 km
  • kachhola 10 km
  • kotadi 25 km
nearby places for visit:
  • shri digamber jain parshwanath teerth kshetra bijoliya – 75 km
  • shri munisuvratnath dig. jain atishaya kshetra, keshavrai patan – 135 km

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