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Dehra Tijara

address shri 1008 chandra prabhu digambar jain atishaya kshetra dehra tijara
place & post – tijara, district – alwer (raj.) pin – 301411
phone 01469-222119, 222407
chairperson: shri narendra kumar jain
place & post – tijara, taluka – tijara, district – alwar (raj.) pin – 301411
phone 01469-222240 (r), 222064 (s)
secretary: shri praveen kumar jain
place & post – tijara, taluka – tijara, district – alwar (raj.) pin – 301411
phone 01469-223261 (r), 222169 (s)
shri 1008 chandra prabhu digambar jain atishaya kshetra dehra tijara is situated in an ancient city tijara of district alwar in rajasthan. the place where the warship of jain idols takes place is called dehra.so at some time dehra tijara was the centre of jain community & jain temples, which was destroyed by invaders in the middle period of indian history. from the time of appearance of jain idols, hidden under the earth, this area is now forwarding towards prosperity.the principal deity of tijara atishaya kshetra is bhagwan chandra prabhu (the 8th teerthankar). the idol of bhagwan chandra prabhu is very beautiful and attractive in padmasana posture made of white stone that was discovered on august 16, 1956 after digging.mrs. saraswati devi wife of vaidya shri bihari lal of tijara kept fast of three days. at the night of 3rd day, mrs. saraswati devi saw a dream and came to know about the place where the idol may be found. according to dream in the next morning, this miraculous idol of bhagwan chandra prabhu was discovered.

at the time of discovery of this idol, the rain started after digging and thus consecration of idol took place naturally. on march 29, 1972 another idol of bhagwan chandra prabhu was discovered, black in color, in padmasana posture after digging under the gate of a room situated in south of the temple premises, under the guidance of acharya nirmal sagarji maharaj.

after the appearance of miraculous idol of lord chandraprabhu, growth in business & development of tijara started and is continuing. it is said that after the darshan (viewing, visiting) or worship of this miraculous idol, poltergeist disturbance of devotees vanishes (disappears).

ghee (butter oil) of akhanda jyoti and dust of the place of digging is used by the devotees as medicine to get rid from disease & sorrow. the idol of bhagwan chandra prabhu, the principal deity of atishaya kshetra tijara is 15 inch in height made of white stone is very attractive and miraculous. according to the inscription on this idol, this was installed on the 3rd day of vishakha shukla v.s. 1554.

the second one is black in color, 8 inch in height, in padmasana posture.
both the idols are installed in a vast attractive & beautiful rectangular temple decorated with great sky-high pinnacle. exterior of temple is magnificent and interior is charming. hall of this temple has the capacity of 2000 persons at a time.

in the both sides of hall chambers & walls are decorated with the fantastic work of glass and colorful paintings based on mythological stories, really praiseworthy.
the magnificent & beautiful idols of bhagwan parshvanath & bhagwan mahaveer are also agreeable.

another temple of tijara city is an ancient beautiful temple with attractive pinnacles. this was constructed in v.s. 1895. the principal deity of this temple is bhagwan parshvanath (23rd teerthankar).

the idol of bhagwan neminath (22nd teerthankar) is said to be miraculous, this was installed in v.s. 1135. annual gatherings are held on – 10th day of shravan shukla – every year, 7th day of falgun shukla – every year (ratha yatra utsav)

  • dharmshalas of kshetra contains 234 general rooms and 38 with attached let-bath.
  • 60 semi deluxe rooms, 2 deluxe rooms, having a mess (bhojanalaya).
  • items like utensiles, bed, tent etc. are available.
  • by road- busses & taxies are available from various cities delhi, jaipur, alwar, rewari etc.
  • by rail- nearby railway stations are jaipur, alwar, delhi. busses are available for tijara from here.
  • nearest airport- delhi, jaipur.
nearby city:
  • alwer 55 km
  • delhi 110 km
  • rewari 55 km
nearby places for visit:
  • shri choolgiriji (khaniyaji)
  • shri bada padampura
  • amer
  • sanganer
  • jaipur
  • mahaveerji

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