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Health Related Effects of Meditation

1. during meditation oxygen consumption is reduced by 16%, even greater than the reduction of 12% that occurs during sleep.

2. diurnal fluctuation in secretion of stress hormone is much controlled, in favour of peace and harmony.

3. neural structures that are intimately related to the control of the autonomic nervous system are activated, more of parasympathetic drive.because of several good effects on health, including control of several diseases, many doctors, psychotherapists and other health professional are increasingly adding meditation techniques to their practice of mainstream, as prescription. they consider meditation a key element of an integrated health program. here are certain diseases, where there is a documented effect of meditation in alleviating them or reducing their severity in varying proportion. you will find several studies of the positive effects of meditation in these diseases in medical literature on internet or journals.

1. arthritis
2. allergies
3. asthma
4. hypertension
5. coronary artery disease
6. irritable bowel disease
7. heart burn
8. constipation
9. tension, headaches and migraines
10. pms and menstrual discomfort
11. menopausal problems
12. pain in the back, hips and knees. fibromyalgia
13. depression and anxiety
14. substance abuse
15. skin disorders, eg. psoriasis
16. chronic fatigue syndrome
17. stroke
18. over weight with obesity
19. sleep disorder
20. terminal cancer related pain and other problems

in general, many psychosomatic and lifestyle disorders can be totally or partially eliminated with practice of meditation over a sufficient period. stress can be very nicely tackled with learning art of meditation.it is estimated that people who meditated over a period of five years had over 50% reduction in doctor visits and hospital admissions.

author: dr. sudhir, gyan sagar foundation.

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