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Jain Muni Shri Tarun Sagar

गुरु जी परिचय

मुनि श्री तरुण सागर जी मुनिराज का सामान्य परिचय


birth date                             : 26th june 1967

birth place                           : village guhanchi  distt.damoh, madhya pradesh, india

birth name                           : shri pawan kumar jain

mother’s name                    : smt.shanti bai jain

father’s name                     : shri pratap chandra ji jain

eduction                                : middle school

kshullak diksha                 : 18th january 1982, aklatra,madhya pradesh,india

kshullak diksha guru      : acharya shri 108 pushpdant sagar ji maharaj

muni diksha                        : 20th july 1988, bagidora, rajasthan, india.

muni diksha guru             : acharya shri 108 pushpdant sagar ji maharaj


    • only person in the history of the last 2000 yrs. to adopt jain ascetism in the tender age of 13 years.
    •  first jain muni whose pravachan(elucidations)telecasted in 122 countries including india.
    •  first jain muni who is available on internet.
    •  first jain muni who started a movement called ahimsa mahakumbh to stop export of meat and leather from india.
    •  first jain muni who had pronounced that bhagwan mahavir is to be freed from janis and temples, his thoughts and teachings should be for each individual. it clearly shows his revolutionary thoughts.
    •  first jain muni written no. of books in hindi and sanskrit.

muni shri tarun sagar ji maharaj is popularly known as the revolutionary saint in the jain community. ” i have come as a revolutionary messenger and not as a messenger of peace, remember i have come with the sword of revolution and not with a message for peace, because peace is not possible without a revolution under the present circumstances of the society”. these are the roaring notes of the revolutionary saint jain muni shri tarun sagar ji maharaj which echoed around the fertile land of revolution of meerut during his first address of the speech. with the result, every new corner in the city was awakened and ten to twelve thousand credulous listeners started to attend the speech of muni shri which created history in meerut.
muni shri tarun sagar ji maharaj is the first and the youngest digambar saint who took diksha.

in the year 1982, at the age of only 14 he got the blessings of his guru acharya shri 108 pushpdant sagar ji maharaj and got the degree of jaineshwari. who knew that this young saint one day will be known as the revolutionary saint and will be the first in the history to address the largest audience from the walls of red fort, the pride of the capital of india, delhi.
muni shri tarun sagar ji maharaj is also the only first digambar saint who attracted the largest audience where ever he went to preach. his pravachans are listened by people coming from all parts of india breaking all barriers of cast, creed, sex and age. his sense of humor is natural and a gift from god and he has an excellent control over spoken language.

in the speech of muni shri a laborer may be seen wrapping his dignity in to a few rags at one corner and minister on the other, admiring their fate for having the company of muni shri.
there is such an attraction in the smile of muni shri that the audience are pulled in thousands irrespective of whether it may be a “anand yatra” poet’s meet or any other program. there is such an attraction and impression in the personality of muni shri that if a rogue is impressed at one side, a religious leader, jagat guru shankrachrya of hindu samaj could not remain unimpressed on the other. the binding of caste and creed can’t imprison the undepressable unconquerability of muni shri. muni shri has become the saint of the people by overcoming the limits of a jain saint.

revolutionary saint, jain muni shri tarun sagarji is such a saint whose speech does not come out from the throat but from the heart, he speaks with such a depth that the listeners are so engrossed that they become unaware of the outward world, for the few most valuable moments of the life. he talks and talks fluently and the listeners listen through their life or soul by forgetting their breath.

munishree is a saint of jolly nature. he is an overjoyed person. freshness at every time, mild smile and ray of ecstasy always play upon his face. humor and laughs present in his instinct nature and he tells the most mysterious things in the same way. he is a sculptor of words and painter of words. munishree tarun sagar is a person who can give lives to the dead bodies. he had resolved to convey the eternal messages, which were expressed through the nectarine throat of bhagwan mahavir to the ordinary and common people in their language only.

traditionally, all the programs of muni shri are organized at a place which is mostly reserved for the political leaders as very rarely he goes to the places like dharam shalas or temples.
he says i want to set mahavir free from the temples and that’s the only reason i had stopped to talk in your temples. i deliver my speeches on the most busy squares of the city, because i want to see mahavir standing on the crossing. my only desire is that mahavir must be free from jains, his message, his conduct, his ideal life should be visible before the world.
his contention is that mahavir is not the asset of jains only but a trust money of the whole human beings. munishree tarun sagar ji is the name of that personality who had struck the strings of innumerable guitars of the heart which were sleeping and awakened the possibilities of intellect through his revolutionary speeches and its fire arrows. he is a deity of awakening. he is doctor of conduct. his sight and vision with motto is not imprisoned into small units.

he does no speak only on jainism and mahavir but makes the subject matter of his speech from the ramayan to kabir, patanjali, gurunanak budha, vivekanand, osho also. that is the only reason all people listen to him with love and choose by heart.

muni shree tarun sagar ji is the first and foremost digamber jain saint who attracts to assemble not only jains but also vaishnava, sikha, sindhi, arya samaji and mohemdans to his speech. he does not deliver his speech in temples and alms houses leaving aside some exception, but delivers at the places where the conventions of the leaders having national fame are accumulated or where asaram bapu, morari bapu, ramesh bhai ojha and narain dutta, shrimali like popular saints accumulate the audiences.

there is crowd of five to six thousands to 10 to 12 thousands in his every day meet. one can see ordinary people also and ias officers and great politicians too present in the meetings.

muni shri tarun sagar ji does not do enhancement magic or exorcism, he never distributes lockets and use witchcraft and fascination. even though people run after him like mad.
in this reference he says, i don’t know any witchment or enchanting, i had subdued myself and it is the biggest bewitchment to subdue ourselves.

muni shree tarun sagar ji is the director or wire piller of “anand yatra”. ” anand yatra” arranged by muni shree is pleasant in real sense. he only can understand or enjoy the essence of ecstacy of the programme “anand yatra” who so ever had heard or seen it, lived it and swallowed it.

anand yatra is miraculous and unique experiment of its own type, where muni shree makes the listeners laugh at one side and handover valuable asset of knowledge, within these humourous moments on the others.

when muni shree stops the journey of pleasure continues (yatra of anand continues) and when proceeds there is a pleasure of journey (anand of yatra). he says i eat pleasure i drink pleasure i wear pleasure. i distribute pleasure and live in pleasure. anand yatra is a journey without journey.
muni shree tarun sagar ji has deep insight into the religious books. he had churned the ocean of religious books eternally. his literature is a pot of nector in which precious pearls of knowledge are lying scattered.
his literature is being read with great interest and many editions of each book are published. his literature is conveyed in the whole country duly published in lakks in year.

the literature of muni shree is a mirror of emotions and experiences in which the art of amending the direction of life and condition of life is discussed.
it is a document of anguish story of life. it is such an x ray which does not only disclose the inner disease but also directs the way to destroy them.

life of muni shri is a triveni of moral and knowledge that destroys sins and burning from troubles. in the world of aimless race of the struggle for life, muni shri is generously donating the extreme powerful calories of life to the suffocated humanly value for life. the valuable words emitting from the thin single body of muni shri have so much weight that no gust of time can get them away. muni shri is mobile ocean and stable note of revolution.
the literature of muni shri is not a novel produced within a few nights on the streets but a stone script of rising life, net of emotions, churning of devotion, by going through the same soul becomes mad, idle thirst rises, sense over flows and the emotion motivates. this literature is outcome of devotion of years together of muni shris’ experience of inner most imagery. the literature of muni shri is such a notation, which will destroy every mental worry. it is a raga or composition vibrating from the notes of life where “veet rag” is merged. during his lengthy devotion muni shri has decorated the wasteland of literature with some philosophical flowers. a flower from those flowers mrityu bodh” (perception of death, a formula of revolution in life) is being presented before you is a foot print of the holy journey of muni shri and the holy water pot of the importance of life for the people.
as the sun shines always and need no introduction, similarly muni shri tarun sagar ji maharaj does not require any introduction. he is a shining star in the horizon. it is our great privilage that muni shri is with us and we are living in his age.

जन्म                                                    : 26 जून, 1967 को ें

जन्म  नाम                                           : पवनकुमार जैन

जन्म स्थान                                          : दमोह जिले (म.प्र.) के गुहंची गांव म

माता का नाम                                        : श्रीमती शांतिबाई जैन

पिता का नाम                                        : श्री प्रतापचंद्र जैन

क्षुल्लक दीक्षा                                         : 18 जनवरी, 1982,अकलतरा (म.प्र.)

क्षुल्लक दीक्षा गुरू                                  : परम पूज्य वात्सल्य दिवाकर आचार्य श्री 108 पुष्पदंत सागर जी महाराज

मुनि दीक्षा                                             : 20 जुलाई , 1988,बागीदौरा (राज.)

मुनि दीक्षा गुरू                                      : परम पूज्य वात्सल्य दिवाकर आचार्य श्री 108 पुष्पदंत सागर जी महाराज

ग्रन्थ लेखन                                          : 3 दर्जन से अधिक पुस्तके उपलब्ध और उनकी अब तक 10 लाख से अधिक प्रतियॉं बिक चुकी है.


  • 13 वर्ष की उम्र में संन्यास, 20 वर्ष में दिगम्बर मुनि दीक्षा
  • 33 वर्ष में लाल किले से राष्ट्र को संबोधन
  • 35 वर्ष में ‘राष्ट्रसंत’ की पदवी से नवाजे गए
  • 37 वर्ष में ‘गुरु मंत्र दीक्षा’ देने की नई परंपरा की शुरुआत


  • आचार्य कुन्दकुन्द के पश्चात् गत दो हजार वर्षों के इतिहास में मात्र 13 वर्ष की    उम्र में जैन संन्यास धारण करनेवाले प्रथम योगी
  • राष्ट्र के प्रथम मुनि जिन्होंने लाल किले (दिल्ली) से संबोधा
  • जी. टीवी के माध्यम से भारत सहित 122 देशों में ‘ महावीर वाणी’ के विश्वव्यापी प्रसारण की ऐतिहासिक शुरुवात करने का प्रथम श्रेय
  • भारतीय सेना को संबोधित करनेवाले देश के पहले संत
  • आजादी के बाद प्रथम बार राजभवन (बैंगलोर)में अतिविशिष्ट लोगों को सम्बोधन एवं आहारचर्या.

मुनि दीक्षा लेने की मात्र सात वर्षो की ही अवधि में धर्म और समाज में क्रांति का अलख जगाने वाले जैन संत तरूण सागरजी प्रखर चिंतक और आजस्वी वक्ता है । आचार्य प्रवर 108 श्री पुष्पदंत सागरजी महाराज ने मध्यप्रदेश के दमोह जिला में गंहची के पवन कुमार को पअने प्रािम शिष्य के रूप में दीक्षित करके उसका नामकरण मुनितरूण सागर किया ।

तरूण सागर जी के गृहस्थ जीवन पर नजर डालने से पता चलता है कि जैसे परमात्मा ने उन्हें मुनि दीक्षा लेकर धर्म और समाज में क्रांति लाने के लिए ही जन्म दिया । जेसी चमत्कृत करने वाली घटनाएँ उनके प्रारंभिक जीवन में घटित हुई वे इसका प्रमाण है।
बालपन सेधर्म के प्रति उनकी इतनी घनिष्ठ रूची थी की 13 वर्ष की आयु में उन्होंने क्षुल्लक दीक्षा 18 फरवरी 1982 अकलतरा (म.प्र.) में और बागी दौरा 1984 में उन्होंने ऐलक दीक्षा ग्रहण की गोदिया (म.प्र.) में बागी दौरा राजस्थान में 20 जुलाई 1988 कोउन्हें मुनि के रूप में दीक्षित किया गया ।
मुनि जीवन में उनकी प्रतिभा कोहिनूर की भांति चमत्कृत होती गई । तत्व चिंतन होने से उनकी वाणी के ओज ने जैन धर्मवलंबीयों के साथ अन्य समुदाय के धर्म प्रेमी और सामान्य जनों को अपनी ओर आकर्षित किया । जहां भीउनका विहार हुआ उनके प्रवचन सुनने के लिए भीड़ उमड़ती गई ।
उनकी प्रभावी भाषण शैली के कारण महिला-पुरूषों की बढ़ती भीड़ केसाथ उनके विचारों में आई प्रौढ़ता भी ह्रदय से फूट निकलने को मचल उठी ।
वाणी के माध्यम से अपनेसमाज सुधारक क्रांतिकारी विचारों का प्रचार करते हुए उन्होंने लेखनी भी उठा ली । परिणामस्वरूप वे कुशल लेखक और सफल व्यंगकार संपादक और सशक्त कवि बन गए ।

धर्म प्रचारक अन्य जैन मुनियों की तुलना में तरूण सागर जी के इस स्वरूप ने उनकी ऐसी अलग पहचान बना दी कि जो जनसाधारण के मन पर अमिट छाप छोड़ जाती हे ।
साधना शिविरों में उनके द्वारा कही गई बातों को प्रशिक्षणार्थी अंगीकार करते हैं, जिन विषयों की चर्चा वहां होती है वह लोगों को चिंतन के लिए बाध्य करती है और सभी आयु वर्ग के महिला-पुरूष उनके उपदेशों के अनुसार आचरण करने को अनिवार्यता मानते हैं ।
मुनि श्री की सबसे बड़ी विशेषता यह है कि जेसा वे अनुभव करते हे उनकास्वयं पर प्रयोग आजमा लेते है इस कारणसे उनकी प्रस्तुति ठोस और वजनदार हो गई । जन समुदाय को उनके हाथ में थमी मशाल से अपने मन के ज्ञानदीप को प्रज्वलित करने की अपार जिज्ञासा है जिसे वे उनके प्रवचन सुनकर और उनकी रचनाएं पढ़कर शांत करते हैं । इसीलिए उनके प्रवचन संग्रह बहुत लोकप्रिय हुए है ।

संबोधन और लेखन में वे अत्यन्त सरल और सहज भाष का उपयोग करते हैं, सुत्रों के माध्यम से भगवान महावीर के आदर्श और सिध्दान्त समझाते हैं, जैन धर्म को आधार बनाकर उनके द्वारा दिए गए दृष्टांत मर्मस्पर्शी होते हैं क्योंकि उनमें अन्य सभी धर्मों का समन्वय होता हे । संत बनने की दिशा प्रवृत्त होने से आज तक उन्होंने महावीर को जिया है और अध्यात्म को पिया है । इस प्रकार उन्होंने ऐसी साधना की है जो किसी व्यक्ति को सम्पूर्ण आत्म साधक बना देती है और वे इस सम्पूर्णता की परिधि में पहुंच चुके हैं ।
वर्तमान समय दिन-प्रतिदिन नई-नई समस्याओं की उलझनों के जाल में जकड़ती जा रही है । इसका कारण क्या है? इनका निराकरण कैसे हो सकता है? इन प्रश्नों का उत्तर हमें तरूण सागर जी देने का ईमानदार प्रयास कर रहे हैं। हम असीम अहंकार को त्याग कर अपने को महावीर के विराट व्यक्तित्व के आगे समर्पित कर दें और उनके जीवन दर्शन तथा संस्कार के अनुरूप अपने को ढाल लें यही सरलसा उपाय तरूण सागर अपनी विधि से हमें बताते हैं ।
विषय आधुनिक जगत को अध्यात्म अमृत पान कराने का बीड़ा उन्होंने उठाया है।
इस मंजिल की ओरवे अकेले ही दृढ़ संकल्प होकर चल पड़े थे आज वे एक नहीं, अनेक हैं । लोग उनसे जुड़ते गए और सन्मार्गियों का बड़ा काफिला उनके आस-पास बन गया है ।

तरूण सागर जी जैसे संतों का सानिध्य पाने के बाद अब उनकमें कोई संशय नहीं रह जाता है संत समुदाय अब जक जिन आदर्श और सिध्दान्तों की चर्चा नगर-नगर में करते रहे हैं उसे साकार स्वरूप प्रदान करने में मुनि तरूण सागरजी महत्वपूर्ण योगदान दे रहे हैं ।
अपनी प्राचीन सभ्यता और संस्कृति से मुंह मोड़कर पाश्चात्य का आवरण ओढ़ने को आतुर आज के समाज को झकझोर कर जगाना चाहते हें । समाज को धर्म की ओर प्रवृत्त करने के लिए वे इतने आतुर हैं कि धार्मिक क्रांति की सीमा तक जाने से भीनहीं चुकेंगे ऐसा आभास होता है ।
आधुनिकता के दुष्चक्र से मुक्त होकर इस लोकमें सुख शांति के साथ आध्यात्मिक सार्थक जीवन जीने और माक्ष प्राप्ति की दिशा में अग्रसर हानेने के लिए मुनिश्री तरूणसागरजी का हमें अनुगामी होना चाहिए यही समय की पुकार हैं ।