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thanks to a generous gift from the guru prabhavna trust – an inspiration from our guruvar “shri vasunandiji maharaj”  an endowment has been established that will provide financial aid to poor students from india.

the jain cyclopedia fund will support approximately 20 scholars at any given time and will ensure that the very best education can be provided to them, regardless of their financial circumstances. the scholarship will be awarded annually; recipients will receive the scholarship for the desired studies.


to receive this scholarship, a recipient must:

preference will be given to qualified students going through the following application process

application process

all applicants must apply for financial aid by completing the scholarship application process form to be opened in april,2015.

for further details, please visit this page in march,2015.

you can also reach out to our email : jaincyclopedia@gmail.com


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addressing : shashank jain

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  1. i am very happy to see Jain Scholarship, it will benefit so many students. great work. Keep going.

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