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24 Tirthankars

Jain Tirthankars

in jainism, a tīrthaṅkara is a human being who helps in achieving liberation and enlightenment as an arihant. according to jain scriptures,that which helps one to cross the great ocean of worldly life is a tīrtha “ford” and a person who fills that role is a tīrthaṅkara “ford-maker”. tīrthaṅkaras achieve liberation and enlightenment by destroying their constraining (karmas) and becoming role models and leaders for those seeking spiritual guidance. they also seek kevala gyan, a state of permanent, perpetual, absolute knowledge of the soul; it is the precursor to final liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

the tirthankars are also called arihantas.  arihanta means destroyer of enemies. here the enemy means the enemies of the soul. these are internal enemies and are defined as the passion of anger ,ego, greed, and deceit ( krodh, maan, maya, lobh) etc. a soul can only reach the state of arihanta by overcoming all its inner enemies . a person when destroys all the four ghati karmas means they are totally detached from all worldly aspects and then he becomes an arihant and attains the perfect knowledge, vision, power, and bliss.

he is omniscient of the past, present and future forms of all entities. they preach the religion principles, philosophy of life and the path of liberation. at the end of human life after shedding the remain four aghati karmas they attain complete liberation and become arhihants also called tirthankaras.

here is a list of 24 jain tirthankars:

sl. no. tirthankar symbol
01 shri.aadinath screenshot_2
02 shri. ajitnath ajitnath
03 shri. sambhav nath sambhavnath
04 shri. abhinandana nath abhinandan
05 shri. sumati nath sumtinath
06 shri. padamprabhu padma
07 shri. suparshva nath suparshvanath
08 shri. chandra prabhu chandra
09 shri. pushpadant pushpadanta
10 shri. shital nath sitalanath
11 shri. shreyans nath
12 shri. vasupujya vasupujya
13 shri. vimal nath vimalanath
14 shri. anant nath
15 shri. dharm nath dharma
16 shri. shanti nath shantinath
17 shri. kunthu nath  kunthu
18 shri. arah nath aranath
19 shri. malli nath
20 shri. munisuvrata nath munisuvrata
21 shri. nami nath naminath
22 shri. nemi nath neminath
23 shri. parshav nath parsvanath
24 shri. mahavira mahavira