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address shri dig. jain atishaya kshetra sanvaliya parasnath karguvanji
opposite gate no. 2 of medical college, karguvan, jhansi (u.p.)
phone 0510, 2320044, 2352529
managing committee: shri dig. jain panchayata (regd.).
gandhi road, jhansi (u.p.)
chairperson: shri ajit kumar jain (bidi wale)
bada gaon gate, jhansi (u.p.) phone 0517 – 2442701
secretary: shri rajendra kumar jain
bundel khand press, jhansi (u.p.) phone 0517 – 2320151
about: shri karguvanji atishaya kshetra is only 5 km ahead from jhansi city opposite gate no. 2 of medical collage in the beautiful valley of karguvan village on jhansi–kanpur road, kshetra is about 700 years old. here 6 idols of black stone are installed in a basement, which is situated in the midst 9 acres of land surrounded by a rampart.
200 years ago, at the time of peshavas, jhansi was famous as balvant nagar.one day a person was carrying broken idols in a bullock cart to drop idols in water, stopped here. after trying again & again the cart did not move ahead. in the same day night a famous man of balvant nager, shri singhai nanheju saw dream and came to know that at a place where cart stayed. there were various idols hidden underground.in the next morning shri nanheju informed to king about dream of night, after discussion digging at that place was decided and thus the ancient idols were recovered under the basement. the king donated 9 acres of land for temple there, at which rampart & well constructed and a beautiful garden was developed.
here six ancient idols of v.s. 1345 are installed and a big idol of lord mahaveer was also installed by shri nanheju with organizing panch kalyanaka pratishtha mahotsava.at kargavan the biggest idol is lord parsvanath (the 23 rd teerthankar) and five others worth to be seen. one new is bhagwan mahaveer’s big idol installed in v.s. 1851 by shri nanheju. other idols are shri adinath, shantinath, neminath, & bahubali are agreeable.

two attractive temples are also here –

  • shri bhagwan adinath mandir,
  • shri bhagwan bahubali mandir
  • annual festival on parsvanath jayanti and annual festival on deepavali kartik krishna 15
  • karguvan kshetra dharmshala 60 normal rooms, 20 semi deluxe rooms, 20 deluxe rooms, mess facility and all required items are available.
  • available on phone 0517 – 2320044.
  • road – busses & taxies are available from jhansi city.
  • rail – jhansi – 8 km.
nearby city:
  • datia 30 km
  • lalitpur 100 km
  • gwalior 110 km
  • sonagiri 45 km
nearby places for visit:
  • sonagiri
  • gwalior

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