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Keshavrai Patan

address shri munisuvratnath dig. jain atishaya kshetra, keshavrai patan
keshavrai patan, district – bundi (raj.) pin – 323601
phone 07438 – 264323
managing committee: shri munisuvratnath dig. jain atishaya kshetra managing committee.
chairperson: shri madan lal jain (advocate), bundi – 323001
phone 0747 – 2445451
secretary: shri mahaveer prasad jain(vaid)
keshavrai patan, district – bundi (raj.) pin – 323601
phone 07438 – 264259 (r), 264233 (o)
shri munisuvratnath dig. jain atishaya kshetra temple is built on a higher place near chambal river in keshavria patan. this is a very old & big temple, where an idol of bhagwan munisuvratnath (the 20th teerthankar) which is very beautiful, full of art & attraction is installed in cross legged seating posture, 4.5 feet in height and dark green in color in an underground basement of temple.shri kund kund acharya dev has described this place in nirvankand.

shri siddhant chakrivarti acharya nemichandra dev has completed the two great texts, laghu dravya samgraha & brihat dravya samgraha, here.in ancient times this city was popular as ashrampattan or ashramnagar. in year 1601 a.d. this city was named keshavrai patan, on the name of shri keshavrai temple (hindu temple), constructed by king of bundi maharav shatrushal.
this city was very famous in old times. yativar madankeerti & udaikeerti has described the holiness of this city.

atishaya (miracle) : it is said that mohammad gaury, an invader to india, attacked this temple and tried to break the miraculous idol, when the soldiers applied chisel & hammer on the thumb of a foot, a flood of milk started from there and it compelled to run away the invaders. marks of attack on the body of idol are still visible.

since ancient times, people come here to wish for fulfillment of their desires.
main temple is situated on a higher place near chambal river in which the idol of principal deity bhagwan munisuvratnath (the 20th teerthankar) 4.5 feet in height and dark green color is installed in an underground basement. this basement is based on 16 beautiful pillars, a unique piece of art & architecture. this idol is carved on a flat rock with three tiered umbrella over head and a halo in back.

six idols of 13th century are also here. on a white flat rock, an idol of bhagwan padmaprabhu is also here, which is very beautiful. this place is on the bank of chambal river, situated on a higher place. with floating boats in chambal river, the scene is very attractive.

annual gatherings are held on :
munisuvratnath bhagawan’s janma, tapa & gyan kalyanaka divas (the day of birth, accepting penance and the day of attaining supernatural knowledge called kevalgyan.) on vishakh krishna 9 & 10.

munisuvratnath’s day of salvation – falgun krishna 12

on the last day of dark half of month, if saturday (shani amavasya), so many pilgrims come here to get freedom from poltergeistic disturbances.

  • shri munisuvratnath dig. jain mandir dharmshala contains 16 rooms.
  • mess facility and items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available..
  • busses & taxies are available from kota & bundi.
  • train – keshavrai patan & kota junction, busses are available there.
  • airport – kota.
nearby city:
  • bundi 44 km (by road)
  • kota 22 km (by road), 15 km (by train)
nearby places for visit:
  • shri bijoliya parsvanath, bijoliyan, district – bhilwara
  • chanvaleshwer parsvanath, district – bhilwara
  • chamatkarji, district sawaimadhopur.
  • chandkheri (khanpur), district – jhalawar.
  • others at keshavrai patan are keshavrai temple, rajrajeshver mahadeo temple, matra hanuman temple are also the places of importance.

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