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Kitchen as Vastu


  • kitchen is the most important portion in vastu, every member gets energy from this portion.
  • it should have adequate air and light.
  • one should face east direction while cooking.
  • under the kitchen, there should not be any pit of water or water tank or septic tank.
  • there should not be any well around the kitchen.
  • one should enter the kitchen with a peaceful mind and clean body.
  • in the kitchen, fire and water should be 4 feet apart.
  • black colored slab should be completely avoided. red, green and white are good colors to be used.
  • there should not be any toilet around the kitchen(above or below also), else the children of the house will fall sick.
  • the kitchen should be painted light yellow.
  • no bad words should be used in the kitchen, and before cooking, one should chant ‘namokar mantra’.
  • do not use u shape platform otherwise else you will face continuous backache.
  • the kitchen door should not be facing southe.
  • while cooking there shouldn’t be any door behind you nor an empty space.
  • the kitchen should have 2 smoke outlets.

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