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Ponnur Hill

address shri visakha acharya tapo nilayam
kil nandiyambadi road, kund kund nagar, p.o. – vadavanakambadi,
taluka – wandwasi, district – tiruvannamalai, (tamilnadu) pin – 604505
phone 04183-227018

the ponnur hills tapo bhumi nilayam teerth kshetra is more then 2000 years ancient kshetra, situated in tiruvannamalai district of tamilnadu state and is surrounded by natural beauty. this place is tapo bhumi of great & brilliant digamber jain ‘acharya bhagawat kund kund dev’.

this is the only sacred place where acharya kund kund practiced for penance, practiced for self-recognition & purification. from here acharya kund kund went to ‘videh kshetra’ in samavsharana of present ‘teerthankar bhagwan simandhar’. they stayed there up to seven days & nights and got benefits of spiritual precepts (divya dhwani). after returning from there, they wrote ‘panch paramagamas’ called as “dwiteeya shruta skandha”, this includes the great texts of real philosophy of world named: – ‘samay sara’, ‘pravachan sara’, ‘niyam sara’, ‘ashta pahud’ & ‘panchastikaya samgraha’. the first three of five are also known as “prabhrit trayee”.

this is said that these pancha paramagamas were written at ponnur hills. innate disposition (nature) of matter & soul, inter relationship & reality of such relations between two matters and path of salvation has been described logically & thoroughly in these texts. first of all these texts gives the knowledge of reality of worldly relations, uniqueness & pureness of soul and about infinite characteristics & qualities of soul. these texts motivates the reader to accept ‘ratna traya’ (right faith, right knowledge & right conduct) in his life and thus to follow the path of salvation.

acharya kund kund: acharya kund kund were born at the place named – ‘kond kund pur’ of south india. in early child hood they were too brilliant. sentiments of affectionlessness were so powerful in them, that they accepted muni deeksha (asceticism) in simply 12 years of age. they were reverenced as acharya of muni sangha in the age of 44 years.
they were so great that later on all the acharyas took their name with great faith & honor. in an invocatory prologue (managlacharan) acharya kund kund’s name is placed at 3rd number after bhagwan mahaveer & gautam ganadhara. english version of that prologue is as below: –

“mangalam bhagwan veero, mangalam gautamo gani |
mangalam ‘kund kundaryo’, jain dharmostu mangalam ||” 

  • two dharmashalas are there in both temples with all essential facilities for pilgrims.
  • road: – buses or taxies are available from chennai, kanchee puram, vellore etc. for ponnur hills.
  • train: – chennai railway station 100 km.
  • airport: – chennai.
nearby city:
  • chennai 100 km
  • banglore 300 km
  • kanchee puram 40 km
  • vellore 60 km
  • tiruvannamalai 60 km
nearby places for visit:
  • chennai
  • tiruvannamalai

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