address shri digambar jain siddha kshetra sammed shikharji
post – madhuvan, distt – giridih (jharkhand), pin – 825329
managing committee: shri digambar jain siddha kshetra sammed shikharji committee
shri digambar jain siddha kshetra sammed shikharji committee. terapanthi kothi
shri sammed shikharji teerth kshetra has the top rank among all the digambar jain teerth kshetras, being the salvation place of 20 teerthankaras and large number of saints. so this is called teerthraj (king of teerths)
since very ancient time it is a belief that sammed shikhar and ayodhya are two main teerth kshetras, existence if these two is parallel to the existence of universe, means immortal. all the teerthankaras born at ayodhya and attain salvation from sammed shikhar.but due the effect of hundavsartpiniee kaal, there was the birth of only five teerthankaras at ayodhya and salvation if 20 teerthankaras from sammed shikharji. in addition, infinite number ascetic saints/munies also attained salvation from here by practicing deep penance and meditation. in ancient texts number of munies attaining salvation from the particular places of teerthankara’s salvation is being described which is in millions and billions.
this is the only reason that when a devotee starts pilgrimage for sammed shikharji, his heart and mind gets filled with great enthusiasm, joy and ingenuous devotion towards teerthankaras.

impact of pilgrimage of infinite ascetic’s salvation places is such that an ocean of devotion evades in the heart of pilgrims. pandit dhyanatraiji has written in his ‘pooja’ (poem of worship) if one goes for adoration of sammed shikharji once in his life, he does not go in lives of animal and in the hell.

according to ethics if a person adorates sammed shikharji engaging his full mind and heart (i.e. with full devotion), he attains salvation in maximum 49 lives of his near future and thus he gets free from worldly affairs, affection and aversion. this all happens by thinking about the work of teerthankaras their life free from worldly affairs, their penance and meditation, by thinking about the preaches they delivered in samavsharan and ultimately applying their education and principles in ones life by accepting ascetism.

this way this kshetra is highly sacred. due to sacredness, so many cruel animals living here in the forest like lion tiger etc., never harm to pilgrims even while coming in front of each other. the absence of natural cruel in the heart of violent animals and fearlessness in the mind of pilgrims, is due to the effect of this great teerth.
this is the only the efficacy of sammed shikharji that from the ancient times so many kings, acharyas, bhuttarakas and shravakas came here with vast groups of devotees for pilgrimage with the purpose of self welfare and due to the devotion towards teerthankaras and ascetic saints who attained salvation from here.

description in ethics: according to jain texts ist teerthankara bhagwan adinath (rishabhdev) attained salvation from kailash parvat, 12th teerthankaras bhagwan vasupujya from champapuri, 22nd teerthankara bhagwan neminath from girnar parvat, and last 24th teerthankara bhagwan mahaveer from pavapuri, remaining twenty (20) teerthankaras attained salvation from sammed shikharji.

during 13th century, great ascetic scholar ‘yati madan kirti’ writes in ‘shasan chatustrinshatika’. according to this poem – saudharma indra here installed the idols of 20 teerthankaras, nimbus of idols is incomparable being equivalent to their size, at that sammed shikhar tree, vigorous persons reach there through stairs and due to good luck they worship those idols, no other person is able to reach there. this digambar dharma is immortal i.e. existing here continuously.

  • beespanthi kothi – there are facilities for about more than 2000 pilgrims. rooms, halls and flats well equipped with all necessary facilities are available here as per desire of pilgrims.
  • terapanthi kothi – this kothi has the capacity to facilitate about 3000 pilgrims.
  • bus – buses of teerth kshetra committee are available for pilgrims from sammed shikharji to eesari or parshvanath station from morning to evening daily.
  • train – parshvanath station is situated on delhi – hawrah or gaya – kolkata line. express trains also have a stoppage here.
  • air – patna and ranchi airport.
nearby city:
  • parshvanath station 23 km
  • giridih 32 km
  • eesari 23 km
nearby places for visit:
  • shri madhya lok temple 06558-232257
  • shri tyagi vrati ashram, 7739164151, 9981293771

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