address shri 1008 vighn-har parshv nath digamber jain mandir
place & post – mahua, district surat (gujarat) pin – 394250
phone – 02625-255772
managing committee: shri vighn-har parshv nath (atishaya kshetra) digamber jain mandir trust.
place & post – mahua, district surat (gujarat) pin – 394250
phone – 02625-255772
chairperson: shri rashmi kant gaman lal shah
secretary: shri jayanti lal chiman lal shah
shri vighn-har parshv nath (atishaya kshetra) digamber jain mandir is situated at the bank of poorna river, opposite to pavagarh, taranga, gajpantha, girnar etc. kshetras situated at hills in gujarat.

in ancient times, this temple was famous as shri 1008 bhagvan chandra-prabhu digamber jain mandir and this village was called madhupuri. script carved on wooden pillars of temple shows that this kshetra is more than 1000 years old.

this temple was reconstructed in v. s. 1625 & 1827. magnificent and large building of temple shows that 1000 years ago, there lived a huge population of jains in this area.
appearance & miracles of bhagvan vighn-har parshv nath shri vighn-har parshv nath’s idol was found in a farm of a farmer in village sultanabad, district pashchim khan desh (maharashtra).

for some time the idol was worshipped in farm, later on to shift the idol to a safe and suitable place, a group traveling was organized with idol placed in a chariot. on the route while traveling, at many places efforts were made to bring the idol out of the chariot, but all efforts in vain. neither the chariot was stopped nor the idol could be moved out of the chariot.

at last, the chariot stopped before bhagvan chandra prabhu digamber jain mandir of mahua and here the idol could be easily brought out of the chariot. then a panch kalyanak pratishtha mahotsava was organized, and thus reverenced idol was established in the central room of temple. bhagvan chandra prabhu’s idol was placed in the right side and bhagvan shantinath’s in left side of this miraculous idol of bhagvan parshv nath.

miracles – after the establishment of parshv nath’s idol, jains & other societies felt a wave of happiness and problems faced by the public started disappearing. so this idol became famous as vighn-har parshv nath. devotees coming here from various parts of india and abroad feel eternal peace and pleasure.

evidence from scriptures — shri brahm gyan sagar in his text writes that various monks and jains often come here for pilgrimage. bhattarak vadi chandra, the scholar of bhattarak prabha chandra wrote a play here in v. s. 1648 called ‘gyan-suryodaya natak’, shri brahm-harsh a scholar of shri lakshmisen also described shri parshv nath of mahua.

panch kalyanak pratishtha mahotsava at this kshetra was organized from 5th june, 1983 to 15th june 1983 with many cultural and other attractive programs in the presence of so many monks and well known scholars.

this large ancient temple is very beautiful and magnificent. bhagvan parshv nath’s miraculous idol of 47 inches in sitting posture is installed here which is worth seeing. idol’s darshan helps to remove the worldly worries and devotees feel eternal peace and pleasure. bhagvan chandra prabhu’s ancient and attractive idol is also here with bhagvan shantinath’s idol, both are worth seeing.

  • lodging and boarding facility available
  • busses and taxies are available from surat city.
  • railway station – surat.
  • airport – ahmedabad.
nearby city:
  • surat 45 k.m
  • navsari 29 k.m
nearby places for visit:
  • mangi-tungi siddh kshetra 195 k. m
  • gajpantha siddh kshetra 180 k.m

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