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mirrors always reflect energy. therefore, they must be placed at an appropriate place at home, else they ruin the energy stability.

  • mirrors should always be put in the north east direction only.
  • they should never be placed in south, west or south-west direction.
  • one should never sleep in front of the mirror.
  • never put a mirror in front of the toilet seat/gas stove in the kitchen.
  • in case the north east corner of the land is cut, then one should put a mirror on both north and east walls in the north east corner.
  • mirror type tiles should never be put in the south, west, south-west or south east otherwise it shall create a pit in that direction.
  • in the temple, there is a mirror behind god’s idol to reflect his energy.
  • mirror should be used to deal with vastu dosh.
  • if mirrors are put on north, east and north east walls of the basement, then it is life supporting and reflects positive energy.
  • if you are not able to see your forehead in the mirror of the house, then you can start having headaches.
  • do not put extra large mirrors at home, else the head of the family will fall sick.
  • never put a mirror in the center of a business premises, else it will create a pit there.

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