address shri 1008 munisuvrat nath bhagwan atishaya kshetra paithan
paithan, district aurangabad [maharashtra] 431107
phone +91-2431-223149, mo. +91-9226576897
managing committee: shri 1008 munisuvrat nath bhagwan atishaya kshetra committee
paithan, district aurangabad [maharashtra] 431107,
phone +91-2431-223149, mo. +91-9226576897.
president: shri mahaveer jhumbar lal barjate
ahmednagar, phone +91-241-2421991
secretary: shri jhumbardas kachardasji kala
gulaj, phone +91—2447-262207

this holy & ancient pilgrimage place is situated at paithan, an old city –that was famous as pratishthanpur in it’s golden era. this kshetra is situated at the beautiful bank of river godavari. it is said that this kshetra belongs to fourth era and the principal deity of this kshetra is bhagwan munisuvrat nath—the 20th teerthankar contemporary to bhagvan ram. according to sayings shri ram chandraji worshiped this magnificent idol.

this is said that at the time of twelve years drought [in 3rd century], during the migration by antim shrut-kevli acharya bhadrabahu with his scholar-the famous mourya emperor chandra gupta and 12000 monks, acharya bhadrabahu came here. later on vishakhaacharya and kalkaacharya also visited paithan.

atishaya – so many stories are popular regarding miracles of this kshetra. some times fragranced fumes are seen coming out of the basement.

a story is very popular regarding miracles of this place. during 17th century shri chimna pandit- a scholar of bhattarak ajitkeerti lived here, he was a great poet of marathi language. great hindu saint shri eknathji and a muslim saint were his friends. one day these three were discussing about spiritual maters, one of them asked to chimna pandit about date [tithi] of that day. chimna pandit answered that it is the day of full moon [poornima], both the friends laughed at this answer and told him that this is the day of amaavasyaa [the day of moon less night]. but pandit denied this fact again and again. at last they decided to confirm the truth at night. after some time chimna pandit recalled the fact and he felt in great sorrow, then he went to the temple direct and stayed before bagvan munisuvrat nath’s idol for prayer, he engrossed himself in devotion. at night all saw that the moon was shining in the sky of paithan and closer area. this was the miracle of paithan’s bhagvan munisuvrat nath.

  • dharm-shala and halls with full facilities available here to make pilgrimage comfortable.
  • construction of new facilities is on progress.
  • busses and taxies are available from aurangabad, railway and air service is also available here.
nearby city:
  • aurangabad – 50 km
nearby places for visit:
  • saint gyaneshvar garden here is comparable with vrindavan garden of mysore
  • paithani saree kendra and naath saagar are also agreeable.

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