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address shri digambar jain siddha kshetra rajgrahi (rajgir)
place and post –rajgir
district – nalanda (bihar), pin – 803116
phone 06112-255235, 9835620074, 9334770317, 9334770321
managing committee: shri digambar jain siddha kshetra rajgir committee. (biharstate teerth kshetra committee)
devashram, mahadeva road, arrah (bihar)
district – bhojpur. pin – 802301
chairperson: sahu shri sharad kumar jain
mumbai, phone 022-22871914
secretary: shri ajay kumar jain
devashram, mahadeva road, arrah (bihar) district –bhojpur
rajgir which is also known as panchpahadi is famous for celebrating twentieth teerthankar

bhagwan munisuvratnath’s four kalyanka – garbha, janma, tapa

and gyan (jnan).he stayed here in chaturmaas(4 months period of

rainy season) 14 times in the state of muni. his first

samavsharan was established here after attaining

kevalgyan and he delieverd his first percept for people and

living beings to get free from the mesh of wordly worries and


in this digambar jain siddha kshetra there

are 10 temples located on the hills and 2 are situated in the valley.

on the 1st hill known as vipulachala, there are four

magnificent temples located. a huge and attractive monument has

been built here in the memory of bhagwan muni suvratnath. on

the 2nd hill udaigirj there are two temples. it is said that these

temples were discovered while digging the place.

idols were also recovered from here and have

been installed in lal mandir situated in valley.3rd hill being

ratnagiri .swarnagirj is the 4th hill also known as

sharamgiri there are three temples. there are two caves on the

southern part of this hill. ‘jina’ images have been carved on the

walls in the caves. on the fifth hill known as vaibhavgiri there

are five temples .there is shalibhadra temple also besides the ‘jina’


at a distance of 1.5 kms of the last hill feet

images of ganadhar bhagwan is located.
gautam buddha, the founder of buddha dharma (religion) also

came here so many times with his sangha. rajgrahi is also the place

of faith for hindus, sikhs, muslims, christians, bauddhas. so this

place is recognized as the international tourism centre in the


  • dharmashala / guest house contains 60 normalrooms & 50 semi deluxe rooms, mess facility is alsoavailable.
  • others – 2 hall.
  • items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available.
  • busses and taxies are available from patna, gaya,nalanda, bihar shareef.
  • train – rajgir is the last station on babhtyarpur –rajgir line, one km. ahead from teerth kshetra.
  • air – patna -100 kmsone may come from gaya orpatna by train to navada, hisua, or biharsharif on nationalhighway no. 31 and then by road to rajgiri.
nearby city:
  • nalanda 13 km
  • bihar shareef 22 km
  • gaya 65 km
  • patna 100 kms
nearby places for visit:
  • kundalpur – 15 kms
  • pavapuri (salvation place of bhagwan mahaveer) –35 kms
  • gunava – 40 kms.
  • guljarbag (patna)-100 kms.

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