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address shri marsalganj (rishabh nagar) diagambar jain atishaya teerth kshetra
taluka and district – firozabad (u.p.), pin – 205147
phone 05612 275320, mobile 09759454732
managing committee: shri marsalganj (rishabh nagar) diagambar jain atishaya teerth kshetra committee place and post – fariha
district – firozabad (u. p.) pin – 205147
chairperson: shri jai prakash jain (sahu, lohe wale)
mobile no. : 09917993546 resi. : 05612 241603
secretary: shri prakash jain (paras)
mobile no. : 09219730866 resi. : 05612 244114
shri digambar jain atishaya kshetra marsalganj (rishabh nagar), is situated at the place marsalganj, 21 kms ahead of district headquarter firozabad in uttar pradesh (u.p.). this place was full of wealth and business in 15th century. at that time a saint baba rishabhdas arrived here. he was a strict follower of jainism, although he was brahmin of south india and master of mantra – tantra.at marsalganj there was a little jain temple, but by the inspiration and cooperation of baba rishabhdas a huge beautiful and magnificent jain temple was constructed there at the place of ancient little jain temple. he brought an ancient idol of bhagwan rishabhdeo from somewhere and installed in the new temple.

stories of so many miracles of baba are still popular here. according one saying, while the construction of temple was started, due to instigation by some jealous persons, king ordered to stop the work. as the construction stopped, the jains come to know about the solution. baba rishabhdas told them not to worry, every thing will be o.k. soon. in the same night king felt that his fort was moving and someone is beating him but invisible. in the morning the king told about the happenings of night to his court/ secretaries. after deep discussion king decided to go to baba rishabhdas. he went there for apology and ordered to start construction on the cost of state.

babaji never collected donations for temple. he always paid the wages in the evening by drawing the actual amount from his seat. at the time of temple’s pratishtha mahotsava (reverencing function) due to the collection of large number of devotees, water of well vanished. then baba dropped some pieces of stones after reciting some mantra, soon well got filled by water. in the same way the shortage of ghee and flour was also fulfilled by baba.

baba’s power of mantra – tantra, knowledge and penance was so high, that so many persons became devotees of baba and bhagwan rishabdev. pilgrims from even far distances came there, get fulfilled their desires, getting free from worldly worries. so this place became famous as atishaya kshetra.

in the magnificent and artful vast temple decorated with the sky high beautiful spires, bhagwan rishabhdeo’s miraculous idol is installed as principal deity. this idol is about 1000 years old, in seating posture (padmasana), 21” in height and white in color.

in 2001, a great pancha kalyanak pratishtha mahotsava was organized here, at that time two beautiful alters were constructed and bhagwan shantinath’s and neminath’s idols were installed in them as principal deity. at the same time a boundary wall was constructed there with five gateways – 1. rishabhdwar, 2. daulatdwar, 3. manikdwar, 4. abhayadwar, and 5. vijaydwar a huge artistic ahimsa stambha is also standing in the middle of melaground.
in another panch kalyanak mahotsava a new hall of temple, bhagwan rishabdev’s 9 feet high white padmasana idol was installed.

addition to these, bhagwan bahubali’s and bhagwan parshvanath’s and other idols are also installed here worth being seen.
idols of acharya sudharma sagarji, mahaveer kirtiji, vimal sagarji are also present here in meditation state.
under the ancient temple, a cave of baba rishabhdas, used by him for meditation and penance is present, a pair of baba’s foot images is also installed here. it is said that visiting this cave poltergeist disturbances come to an end.
devotees : digambar.

  • dharmashala contains 10 rooms, mess facility is also available.
  • a dharamshala is also available in fariha.
  • items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available.
  • road – fariha is a big village near kshetra, buses for fariha are available from firozabad, mainpuri, agra. buses are available from agra and firozabad to fariha.agra – 66 kms buses are available from these places to fariha.air –agra.
  • train – firozabad – 21 kms tundla junction – 30 kms.
  • airport – jaipur 130 km.
nearby city:
  • firozabad 21 kms
  • fariha 1 kms
  • agra 66 kms
  • mainpuri 67 kms
  • etah 55 kms
  • ramganjmandi (via jhalawar) 60 km
  • jhalrapatan 40 km
nearby places for visit:
  • dharmashala contains 10 rooms, mess facility is also available.
  • a dharamshala is also available in fariha.
  • items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available.

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