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Science and our Responsibilities

the relevance of science, technology, engineering as well as scientific literacy is always being used for the wellbeing of society from ages and in present scenario is more profound than ever. scientific facts being developed from religious knowledge and also converted into religion again and spread to the society well being in india. if we talk of jain religion in particular there are thousands of examples which explain modern science very well.if we talk of very basic of filtering the water before use as this has uncounted bacteria

and shelf life of 48min(without boiled)is well accepted by modern science and by all societies. few other scientific facts already explained in the jain religion are enumerated elsewhere in this book in a separate article titled “jainism & science”.

there are thousand such examples both at macro and micro level. i wonder many times how such science our saints and thirthankers understood without any experiments, i have only one answer that pure soul has infinite power and can acquire any knowledge .based on this it is necessary to have the basic ethics and religious activity is always important for innovation and fast track success and make india “the golden bird”

again. if time permit i would present very basic ethics of jain religion and relation to success. the theme of the symposium is bridge the science and society. we call all scientists to make their work both beneficial and understandable, and society to discover again the excitement and hope that research and its finding offer.” it is a call to action that resonate around the world”.

in the last as my subject of research is chemical science for pharmaceutical and chemical industry. i find the unprecedented need for academia and industrial collaboration to launch a new drug entity (nce) from india first ever of this era.


author : dr. sanjeev sogani

e-mail: sogani.s@rediffmail.com

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