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Study Room

  • study room must be in north east direction as north east is the place where jupiter resides and hence increases intellect.
  • it can be beneficial to make study room in west direction, but the student should face north while studying.
  • color scheme of the study room is very important .
    • light blue can be used to increase concentration
    • ivory/light green color to increase memory
    • never use shiny, gaudy, dark or black colors
  • the windows in the study room must be in east north direction.
  • put photos of your guru (teacher) and devi saraswati in your study room.
  • never put obscene or pictures of war in the study room.
  • do not sleep in the study room.
  • one should put pyramids in the study room.
  • do not keep tv or tape recorder in the study rooms.
  • keep your book shelf & books on the wall in the west direction, so that bookshelf opens towards east.

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