address shri 1008 neminath digamber jain atishaya kshetra navagarh
place – navagarh-ukhlad, post – pimpari (deshmukh),
district – parabhani (maharashtra) pin – 431401
phone 02452-265128, 9372617473
managing committee: kshetra managing committee shri kshetra navagarh
place – navagarh, post – pimpari (deshmukh),
district – parabhani (maharashtra) pin – 431401
e-mail: –
chairperson: shri manikchandji binayke
“ahinsa” niwas, nutan roal, selu, district – parbhani (maharashtra)
phone 02451-222387, 9422192290
secretary: shri manikrav tarte
gandhi park, parabhani, (maharashtra) pin 431401
phone 02452-221065

shri neminath digamber jain atishaya kshetra, navagarh is famous for ancient miraculous and artistic idol of bhagwan neminath. this place was situated in ukhlad village, which is about 2 km from its present location at the bank of river purna. temple was built up of stone but due to repeated floods the temple was destroyed. even though idols remained safe.
in year 1931, magnificent huge temple having spire was constructed in campus area of navagarh and these idols were installed in this temple. 10 acres of land was allotted immediately by nizam government for this temple.

atishaya: – it is said that ‘paras mani’ is studded in great toe of principal deity bhagwan neminath’s idol. once an aged priest got a message through a dream that he could lead his life happily by touching an iron needle with paras mani and turning it into gold needle. he was also instructed that he should not repeat this again and should not disclose this secret to anybody. after some time, priest realized that he is at the verge of life. so he disclosed the secret to his son and also warned him of misusing and disclosing secret.

later on priest died and his son continued with the same. after some time priest’s son because of his greedy nature began to misuse paras mani and start leading luxurious life. on seeing this people complained to district officer. district officer along with some troop came to take up this paras mani. as soon as he reached on to the gate of temple the toe of the idol exploded and paras mani fell into the river purna.
district officer then made the elephants with iron chains tied on their feet to got down into the river. when these elephants came out, it was found that some of the links of the one of the elephant’s chain has converted into gold. but even after several efforts paras mani could not be found.
the toe of the idol damaged because of separation of paras mani from it.

main temple & idol :

the temple of this navagarh miraculous place is very artistic, huge and possess very high spire. a very beautiful 3.5 feet high black stoned and miraculous idol of principal deity bhagwan neminath in ardha-padmasana posture is installed in this temple. this idol is artistically carved in a stone slab. the inside portion of sanctum of temple is mirror studded and is very beautiful to see.

  • dharmashala of kshetra 53 normal rooms, 8 semi deluxe rooms, and 6 deluxe rooms, mess facility and all other required items like bed, tent, utensils are available.
  • jain restaurant & mess – available
  • vehicles of kshetra are available on pre-informing.
  • by road- this kshetra is 18 km far from the parabhani district headquarters. buses are available for parabhani from all the main cities. the buses & taxies are available from parabhani to navagarh.
  • ‘parabhani’ railway station is situated on hyderabad-mumbai main line & all mail-express hall on this railway station.
nearby city:
  • parabhani 18 km
  • nanded 70 km
  • mirkhel 3 km
  • aurangabad 200 km
nearby places for visit:
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  • shri mallinath digamber jain atishaya kshetra, shiradashahapur, district – hingoli (maharashtra) – 70 km.
  • shri neminath digamber jain atishaya kshetra, nemigiri jintur, district – parabhani (maharashtra) – 60 km.
  • historical shikar ghat gurudwara on bank of godawari river, nanded – 75 km.
  • oundhha nagnath – famous jyotirling – 50 km

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