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Underground (Bhoomigat) Vastu

there is geopathic energy beneath earth. it is essential to balance this energy, otherwise defects in underground vastu invites diseases.

  • underground basements should ideally not be built under the entire house. if still one wishes to make them, then they should be made in north, east or north-east direction.
  • basement should be only square.
  • if the floor of the basement is higher towards south, the master of the house will remain in trouble.
  • do not use the basement as your office, only do unnecessary jobs and keep unnecessary items.
  • if the basement is higher than the road, then it won’t be called as basement.
  • it is auspicious to make a water tank or boring in the north eastern direction of the basement.
  • septic tank should be in right direction beneath earth. septic tank must be built only in north-nw or north west direction.
  • all outlets of dirty water must be clockwise in north west direction. inlets of water must be in the north east corner.
  • the master of the house can fall sick if the flow of water is towards south west direction.
  • underground boring or well must be built in only north east, east or north direction. if they are built in a wrong direction, they can create many troubles.

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