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Elacharya Shree Vasunandi Ji Maharaj and Sangh

Uttam Brahmacharya

uttam brahmacharya can also be referred as : supreme celibacy 

this means not only refraining from sexual intercourse but also includes all pleasures associated with the sense of touch, e.g. a cool breeze on a hot summers day or using a cushion for a hard surface. again this dharma is practised to keep our desires in check. the monks practice this to the highest degree with all their body, speech and mind. the householder refrains from sexual intercourse with anyone except his or her spouse.

brahmacharya is derived from the word brahma – soul and charya – to dwell. nischay brahmacharya means to dwell in your soul. only by residing in the soul are you the master of the universe. residing outside your soul makes you a slave to desires.

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