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Uttam Mardavam

uttam mardavam  can also be referred as : modesty/ humility

wealth, good looks, reputable family or intelligence often lead to pride. pride means to believe one to be superior to others and to look down on others. by being proud you are measuring your worth by temporary material objects. these objects will either leave you or you will be forced to leave them when you die. these eventualities will cause you unhappiness as a result of the ‘dent’ caused to your self-worth. being humble will prevent this. pride also leads to the influx of the bad deed or karmas.

all souls are equal, none being superior or inferior to another. in the words of srimad rajchandra: “sarva jeev che sidh sum, je samje te thai – all souls are akin to the sidh; those who understand this principle will achieve that state”. the nischay view encourages you to understand your true nature. all souls have the potential to be liberated souls (sidh bhagvan). the only difference between the liberated souls and those in bondage is that the former have attained liberation as a result of their ‘effort’. with effort, even the latter can achieve liberation.

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