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Vastu and Health

when the energy in a piece of land is hindered/ disturbed, then it surely affects health

  • if one is suffering from recurring migraine, then you must rectify the north eastern corner of the house. sniff baking soda mixed with cow’s ghee to cure headache.
  • if somebody in the family suffers from stomach problems, then you must rectify the kitchen and bhramsthan(central zone) of the house.
  • convert the edible gum of a date tree to ash and have it to cure knee pain.
  • mix ghee, peppermint and edible lime (paan choona) and apply over the throat to remedy cough.
  • sniff peppermint and clove (lavang) to cure restlessness.
  • eat black onion seeds (kalonji) daily to cure cholesterol.
  • repeated gargles of boiled guava leaves water helps get rid of toothache.
  • drink juice of 15 gm bathua(cheel bhaji) on an empty stomach to cure arthritis.
  • drinking boiled alsi(flax seeds) tea helps in purifying/thinning of blood, curing diabetes, and cough, cold.
  • use alsi seeds and bamboo tree leaves water to increase height.
  • mix 1 tsp sesame oil and 1 tsp mustard oil and massage on the body to cure numbness.
  • use pattharchatta powder to cure gall bladder stone.
  • have safed bach (calamus) mixed in cow’s milk to increase memory retention.

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