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Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips

  • to outlet the negative energy of the land, put pure mercury (preferably mark brand) and garnet powder in it. impure mercury containing lead could be harmful.
  • to increase the positive energy of the land, embed 32 silver swastiks in the land at 11 degree or put mercury swastiks in the four corners of the land.
  • put soil from gaushala (cow ranch) in the land to increase the positive energy.
  • put copper pyramids at 57 degree in every column and room.
  • for resolving all vastu related land issues, embed shami wood (spell bound with mantras) in the north east corner of the land.
  • one should enter the kitchen with a peaceful mind and clean body.
  • if a particular direction is faulty in a piece of land, then paint that part (direction) of the land with the color of its element (of the same direction) to reduce the vastu defect.

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